Global Network Infrastructure (GNI) – Standard Subscription

Our Standard subscription to GNI includes access to all of our published company and market reports.

Company insights

The global telecommunications and cloud computing sectors are composed of hundreds of vendors & thousands of network operators across the globe, but a handful of companies drive the market. To effectively understand these key players, MTN Consulting publishes playbooks and similar company-focused studies. Access to these paybooks allows you to assess the company’s:

  • Latest quarter KPIs including revenues, capex, opex, R&D etc.
  • Key tech-related spending priorities;
  • Network vendor relationships, M&A, and partnerships across different network product categories
  • Market landscape
  • Network-related strategy

Market Insights

MTN Consulting’s published research covers a wide range of market issues. Each quarter, our “Market Review” trackers assess the growth and development of three segments of network operators: telco, webscale, and carrier-neutral. We also provide a summary report assessing overall trends, with a focus on network spending, including vendor market share. Customers of our annual GNI information service will receive all of these reports and underlying data.

  • Global coverage with company and segment-level drilldowns
  • Annualized and quarterly trends across financial data series
  • Coverage timeframe spans 1Q11-2Q19
  • Network-related spending estimates at market- and company-level
  • Tracks 130 individual telcos, 30+ carrier-neutral operators, and over 25 webscale players
  • Deep dive opex and labor cost analysis.
  • Telecom Playbooks: China Mobile
  • Webscale Playbook: Microsoft Update
  • Webscale Playbook: Amazon Update
  • Webscale Playbook: Facebook Update
  • Webscale Playbook: Alphabet Update
  • Webscale Playbooks: Yandex
  • Webscale Playbooks: ByteDance
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 3Q20 edition
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 2Q20 edition
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 1Q20 edition
  • Telecommunications Network Operators: 3Q20 Market Review
  • Webscale Network Operators: 3Q20 Market Review
  • Carrier-Neutral Market Reviews: 2Q20
  • Telecom Playbooks: Telefonica
  • Telecom Playbooks: Verizon
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 4Q19 edition

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