Global Network Infrastructure (GNI) Subscription

What is GNI?

  • MTN Consulting bundles all of its published research into a subscription service called “Global Network Infrastructure”. GNI provides clients with a holistic view of the network operator business, while assessing the big shifts that impact technology spending trends.
  • GNI covers over 190 network operators across three market segments: telecommunications, webscale (aka hyperscale), and carrier-neutral. Some of our research is focused on individual segments, but we also help clients understand how the three segments work together and how that collaboration is changing over time. Our research also addresses the supply chain of vendors supporting the world’s networks, and includes both market share and competitive analysis.

What does GNI include?

  • Over 12 months, GNI subscribers receive 40+ reports. That includes detailed quantitative reports on the three network operator segments, and a range of analytic reports on key companies and trends impacting the GNI market. This steady stream of market intelligence is designed to help clients make smart business decisions, and arm them with valuable data and visuals on industry trends. The table below provides a summary of 2021 deliverables for GNI subscribers:
Deliverable type Description #Per year
Network spending forecast Annual forecast of network operator spending, for all three segments, is issued in 4Q; PDF analysis supplemented by Excel file with detailed results 1
Capex commentaries Quarterly analysis of network spending trends in the telecom and webscale market segments (1 each per quarter, except 4Q) 6
Telecommunications Market Review Excel analysis of over 130 telcos and overall financial development of telco sector, with benchmarking capabilities 4
Webscale Market Review Excel analysis of over 20 webscale providers and the overall financial and infrastructure development of the sector 4
Carrier-neutral Market Review Excel analysis of over 35 CNNOs across tower, bandwidth/fiber, and data center market segments 1
Vendor market share in telco sector Excel analysis of market share, with HW/SW and services breakout, of over 100 vendors in the telecom market segment 4
Competitive intelligence review PPT study of competitive dynamics in key technology segments of NI, including DC chips, IP/optical infra, Open RAN, etc. 6
Trend forecast commentaries Predictive reports assessing outlook for key NI-related questions such as: Biden’s China policy; Chinese cloud providers’ global prospects, etc. 5
Network spending profiles Excel analysis of network spending (opex & capex) trends for key network operators, covering infrastructure, tech strategy, and vendor relationships 15-20

Who buys GNI?

  • Technology vendors and network operators are the main customers of MTN Consulting’s GNI service. Regulatory bodies and financial institutions also benefit from GNI’s data and insights.
  • Here are some of the ways GNI’s main clients benefit from the research:


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How can I buy GNI?

GNI is sold as a 12 month subscription. It is available to purchase with or without a bundle of analyst inquiry hours. For more information, including pricing, please contact us. Download an overview of MTN Consulting and the GNI service by clicking below.

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