Telecom Network Operator Bundle

MTN Consulting’s Telecom Network Operator (TNO) bundle provides clients with a deep dive into the telecommunications segment of network operators. The bundle’s products help clients understand how telcos are growing and transforming their operations, how individual telecom operators are building out their networks, and which suppliers are benefiting.

The TNO bundle gives clients access to existing MTN Consulting research reports on this market segment and a 12 month flow of ongoing research on telecom operators. There are three types of reports included within this bundle:

Telecom Playbooks include a series of company profiles which analyze the operations and network strategy of the top telecom network operators (TNOs), including AT&T, China Mobile, China Unicom, China Telecom, Deutsche Telekom, Reliance Jio, Telefonica, and Verizon. The objective of these reports is to assess the TNOs:

  • latest quarterly key performance indicators including revenues, capex, opex, labor cost, etc.
  • operational trends for key service platforms
  • network strategy and key suppliers
  • 5G network infrastructure strategy and spending outlook

Telecom Market Review reports are quarterly financial trackers for the telecom operator segment. Each report assesses growth, profitability, and technology spending trends for the overall telecom market and its key players. The Market Review reports include:

  • Global coverage with company-level drilldowns of 130 companies
  • Latest quarterly KPIs such as revenues, capex and employee data
  • For a sub-group of 40 large TNOs, the report also assesses labor cost, opex and operating profit trends
  • Company-level annualized and quarterly trends
  • Spending outlook for the sector

Our “Telecom’s biggest vendor” reports are quarterly analyses of telco demand for network infrastructure. This vendor share series addresses sales of network equipment, cabling, software and professional services to the global telco market. The report analyzes telco spending patterns on technology by vendor segment, and the relative market power of dozens of vendors selling to the telco vertical. The series product includes:

  • A database of 113 vendors selling equipment, software and/or services to telecommunications network operators
  • Coverage of three vendor segments: network equipment providers (NEPs), IT services providers (ITSPs), and cabling & connectivity vendors (CCVs).
  • Quarterly data starting in 1Q13 and extending through 2Q19 and beyond
  • Company-level annualized and quarterly trends
  • Brief profiles of each of the top 20 vendors

Telecom bundle subscribers receive a library of published research and access to forthcoming reports, as detailed below. Bundle subscribers also receive one hour of analyst access inquiry.

  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 3Q20 edition
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 2Q20 edition
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 1Q20 edition
  • Telecommunications Network Operators: 3Q20 Market Review
  • Carrier-Neutral Market Reviews: 2Q20
  • Telecom Playbooks: Telefonica
  • Telecom’s biggest vendors: 4Q19 edition