Webscale Network Operator Bundle

MTN Consulting’s Webscale Network Operator (WNO) bundle provides a deep look at the webscale segment of network operators – how it’s growing, how individual WNOs are building out their networks, and which suppliers are benefiting.

The WNO bundle gives clients access to existing MTN Consulting research reports on this market segment and a 12 month flow of ongoing research on webscale operators. There are three types of reports included within this bundle:

Webscale Playbook series analyzes each of the “Super 8” webscale network operators (WNOs), i.e. Alibaba, Alphabet, Amazon, Apple, Baidu, Facebook, Microsoft, and Tencent. The objective of these reports is to assess the WNOs:

  • key tech-related spending priorities
  • network vendor relationships, M&A, and partnerships across different network product categories
  • vendor market landscape
  • network-related strategy

Webscale Market Review reports are quarterly financial trackers for the WNO segment. Each report assesses growth, profitability, and technology spending trends for the overall WNO market and its key players . The Market Review reports include:

  • Network-related spending estimates at market- and company-level, across quarters
  • Latest quarterly KPIs such as revenues, capex, opex, R&D, etc.
  • Company-level annualized and quarterly trends across over 10 financial data series
  • Global coverage with company-level drilldowns for 20 companies

Webscale Network Supply Chain Analyzer – this tool is published twice a year and tracks the technology relationships underlying webscale networks. The Analyzer includes contracts/deals between WNOs and technology vendors across eight product categories and provides detail on type of relationship and nature of deal.

Webscale bundle subscribers receive a library of published research and access to forthcoming reports, as detailed below. Bundle subscribers also receive one hour of analyst access inquiry.

  • Webscale Network Operators: 3Q20 Market Review