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Highlights from Nokia’s 2021 analyst event

Nokia held an online forum for industry analysts last week. Over four days of presentations, the company presented a compelling case for why it will remain a top tier supplier to telcos as they evolve networks and business models over the next 5-10 years. The company also highlighted strong positioning for new opportunities related to webscale/cloud and private (enterprise) networks. In the telco network infrastructure (telco NI) market, Nokia is #3 behind Huawei and Ericsson, but #2 (behind only Huawei) if you exclude services. It has a comprehensive offering across mobile, fixed broadband, optical, IP, subsea, and software, and has strong R&D chops. In the webscale/cloud world, Nokia is a relative newcomer but was among the earliest big telco-focused vendors to launch deep collaborations with the three main cloud players. Further, it has reorganized the company to go after “cloud and network services” opportunities. The company is credible when it talks about the importance of sustainability...
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