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Telecom’s biggest vendors - 3Q22 edition

Early figures for the 3Q22 telco market are now available. Global telco revenues were $435.0B, down 6.6% YoY, the fourth straight decline in a row. That pushes annualized revenues to $1,821.6B, down 4% from 3Q21. Capex, the main driver for the Telco NI market, was $77.1B in 3Q22, down 5.0% YoY. Annualized capex, though, remained in the $325-330B range for the fourth straight quarter, and capital intensity reached a new all-time high of 17.9% in 3Q22.

Along with telco capex, vendor revenues in Telco NI have also been rising since COVID ebbed. On a single quarter basis, Telco NI revenues have increased YoY for each of the last 8 quarters. In 3Q22, Telco NI revenues grew by 2.0% YoY, to $58.9B; annualized revenues for 3Q22 grew 4.5% from the 3Q21 period, to hit $238.6B, the highest total since our database began in 1Q13...

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