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Telco Opex Analyzer, 2016-21

MTN Consulting’s Telco Opex Analyzer analyzes the opex trends of a subset of key telcos in the telecommunications sector. The report’s dashboard allows a user to dig into overall spending levels, network’s contribution to opex, network-related capex, and profitability for a group of 30 individual operators. The report is designed to help vendors understand and plan for the needs of their customers and help network operators deploy their technology budgets wisely. The report's format is Excel.


The telecom sector posted 5.3% YoY growth in revenues in 2021 – the fastest growth rate experienced in a decade. However, much of this growth was due to a pandemic-induced low base period, non-service revenues, and exchange rate fluctuations. Historically, telcos have faced flat revenues and after adjusting for exchange rate fluctuations and COVID-19, top-line growth has been in the range of 1-3% per year, for many years. In contrast, their counterparts in the webscale sector have been witnessing double digit growth rates. As a result, telcos have been focused on their cost base in search of profitability growth. Costs include both capital expenditures (capex) and operating expenses (opex). Many MTN Consulting reports analyze capex. That's in line with the traditional focus of most vendors, who historically sell more into capex budgets than opex. Opex is rising in importance to vendors, though, and as a cost category it is several times the size of capex. Further, understanding and effectively managing opex is crucial for telcos seeking success. Telco earnings reports make this obvious, as they highlight things like opex transformation programs, careful opex management, cost optimization initiatives, network efficiencies, and process automation. Key findings include:...

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