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Telcos aim for the cloud by partnering with webscale cloud providers

Telcos worldwide are deploying 5G connectivity services at a brisk pace. And with that comes the challenges of being able to monetize the new 5G-based services, ensure network operations efficiency, and optimize costs (capex and opex). Fortunately, telcos don’t have to look for several collaborators to solve these problems alone, as leveraging the capabilities of webscale cloud providers appears to be the best choice to address such challenges. The past couple of years have witnessed a spurt of significant investments by the big three cloud providers – AWS, Microsoft Azure, and GCP – who are serious about making considerable headways into the telecom vertical. The sudden gush of their partnerships with telcos in the recent times is a testimony of those efforts.

While the new bonhomie between the telcos and webscale cloud providers has everyone excited, it is still early days...

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