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Data Center Investment Tracker: 1Q22

Multiple types of companies are investing heavily in data center assets. Two years ago, the data center market was already vibrant, but COVID-19 gave this a boost as enterprises accelerated digital transformation efforts, and multiple sectors (enterprise, government, education...) moved many activities to the cloud. As a result, data center investment has boomed. This investment is coming from multiple sources: webscalers, carrier-neutral operators, telcos, a broad range of asset management specialists aiming to benefit from growing DC demand. With this investment, the market is seeing consolidation and the emergence of new business models. Meanwhile, the technologies deployed in the data center are evolving rapidly. Vendors are creating new products and customizing old ones in order to cater to the data center. Even if you're steeped in the data center world, it can be hard to keep up. This "Data Center Investment Tracker" provides an up-to-date synthesis of this investment and technology activity.
This is the second edition of our data center investment tracker, covering developments through April 2022. The scope of coverage has been expanded considerably...

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