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Telecommunications Network Operators: 1Q21 Market Review

This market review provides a comprehensive assessment of the global telecommunications industry based on financial results through March 2021 (1Q21). The report tracks revenue, capex and employee for 138 individual telecommunications network operators (TNOs). For a sub-group of 50 large TNOs, the report also assesses labor cost, opex and operating profit trends. The report also covers annual data for other financial metrics such as debt, cash & short term investments, M&A spend and cash flow from operations for the TNO-50. Our coverage timeframe spans 1Q11-1Q21 (41 quarters). The report's format is Excel.
Telco revenues grow at fastest rate in at least a decade
After staging a rebound in the final quarter of 2020, single quarter revenues for telecom network operators (telcos) continued an upward march in 1Q21 by growing at a solid rate of 7.3% YoY to post...
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